Examples of Court Hearings our Barristers Attend

Interim Hearings

  • Allocation Hearing
  • Case Management Conference (CMC)
  • Costs and Case Management Conference (CCMC)
  • Directions Hearing
  • Preliminary Hearing
  • Dispute Resolution Hearing

Application Hearings

  • Application to Add / Remove a Party
  • Application to Adduce Further Evidence
  • Application to Adjourn
  • Application to Amend Particulars of Claim / Defence
  • Application to Appoint Personal Representative
  • Application for a Consent Order
  • Application for Costs
  • Application for a Declaration
  • Application for Disclosure
  • Application for a Freezing Order
  • Application for an Injunction
  • Application for an Interim Order
  • Application for Interim Payment
  • Application to Lift a Stay
  • Application for Pre-action Disclosure
  • Application to Reinstate a Claim
  • Application for Relief from Sanctions
  • Application to Set Aside
  • Application to Set Aside a Judgment
  • Application to Set Aside an Order
  • Application for Specific Performance
  • Application for Stay of Proceedings
  • Application to Strike Out
  • Application for Summary Judgment
  • Application for a Tomlin Order
  • Application to Transfer Proceedings
  • Application for an Unless Order
  • Application to Vacate Trial Date
  • Application to Vary an Order
  • Application to Withdraw an Admission